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How much is a kilo of saffron in the Paris market?
The saffron price in Europe is available daily to you through King Business.

One kilogram of saffron

Pharmaceutical companies, restaurants, merchants, and exporters usually buy the product in bulk.
King Business is the first and largest saffron vendor worldwide.
The saffron rice 1 kg today is between 2800 and 3500 Euro.

Selling pure saffron

You are the most esteemed buyers of the best quality products that can be purchased from King to Business.
Red gold is sold in various packaging to the European market.

saffron quality assurance

Why You Should Use a Reputable Company Buys this product?!
Because big companies always try to get customer satisfaction.
Considering that your satisfaction is the priority of King Business’s objectives, the quality of all the products is guaranteed 100%.

saffron quality assurance
saffron quality assurance

Buy Saffron

The quality of products is directly related to their purchase price.
An important point in the price of buying saffron is that the higher the quality of the product, the higher the price.
This is why you can see very cheap saffron in Europe’s wholesale market, but are they guaranteed quality?!

The best way to buy saffron

Our offer to you dear buyers is to buy this valuable product without an intermediary from the main center of saffron sales.
Considering that King Business operates in the field of saffron cultivation, processing, and packaging and also exports it to all European countries, This is why you can buy the saffron directly from the farmers of our company.

1 gram saffron of price

In online saffron stores, it is usually marketed in mid-gram and one-gram packaging.
The average price of 1 gram of saffron in Europe is 13 to 15 euros.
In different cities, however, prices will be different.

1 gram saffron of price
1 gram saffron of price

Variety of saffron packaging

King Business has been trying to fulfill your customers’ demands.
This means that it offers a valuable product to the market in various packaging.
You can see this in the following section:

Sale saffron price

The sale of saffron in King Business is in the top 1.5kg packages.
The price of saffron in France is €3,500.
The type, quality, and packaging of saffron, however, affect the pricing of the product.

Price of saffron in France

France is one of the most important countries in the European Union.
The purchase and sale of Red Gold in the country are being run by giant companies such as King.
This is why the company provides you with the saffron price in France daily.

Price of saffron in France
Price of saffron in France

King Saffron Shop

In which European cities King Business owns a saffron shop.
Marseille and Paris are major European cities where there are large saffron shops.

Price of saffron in Paris

In the above section, you saw the city of Marseille and Paris one of the most important saffron destinations in Europe.
why our company has established sales branches in the important cities of France.
Because you can easily access the most high-quality products.

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