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Where is the best bulk saffron sales center to buy original saffron in Europe?
Saffron King Business Company
It is one of the reputable centers in the field of selling saffron for export.
In the following, you will see the price list of bulk saffron to buy from this company.
We will also check the price of saffron in the saffron online store.

Buy bulk saffron

Buy bulk saffron
Buy bulk saffron

As you know, there are different types of saffron and the most important point in buying and selling saffron is to know its types.
Each type of saffron has different characteristics and therefore the price of each type is different.
What is the lowest transaction weight in major saffron sales?
Actually; In our company, the lowest wholesale sales are 250 grams of samples.
This amount is enough to evaluate the quality and volume of saffron.
In addition, the wholesale purchase price of quality saffron has been provided to you in the online saffron store.
Contact our experts to buy saffron and place an order.

Price list of bulk saffron

Price list of bulk saffron
Price list of bulk saffron

What is the purchase price of bulk saffron in Saffron King Business?
Saffron weight and order quantity is one of the factors affecting the price of saffron.
We are a producer of saffron and the price list of saffron in this company is uploaded daily on the company’s website.
Costs and prices vary depending on the amount of your order.
For example, if the customers buy 5 kg or the purchase amount is 50 kg, the prices are different.

Sell ​​pure saffron

Sell ​​pure saffron
Sell ​​pure saffron

In the previous article, you read that we are active in the field of saffron sales and saffron exports.
That means we are wholesalers.
Of course, our retail is also done in bulk.
If saffron buyers choose a one gram package, the minimum order quantity is 1500 packages.
According to your order, I offer you pure saffron throughout the European Union.
In bulk sale of pure saffron, the sample is 250 grams and the minimum purchase amount is 1 kg.
Of course, you can choose your order from the saffron online store.
Online purchase of saffron is done through SaffronKing.Shop online store.

Saffron online store

Saffron online store
Saffron online store

The first and most important advantage of buying bulk saffron from this company is that both the price of saffron and the quality of saffron are guaranteed.
Second: You can choose a variety of products to buy.
Third: In Saffron store, all products are offered under Saffron King brand.
Fourth: You can buy the highest quality saffron at the best price from the company.
Fifth: Saffron store is online and you can always do your shopping online.

Why is saffron expensive?

Why is saffron expensive?
Why is saffron expensive?

Because planting saffron as well as maintaining this product is very expensive.
It costs money to collect saffron flowers and separate saffron strings from saffron flowers, etc.
But again, the question arises
Is the price of saffron expensive in the online saffron store?
At present, the price of Iranian saffron in Europe is between 1500 and 2100 Euros.
One of the best saffron brands in Europe is Saffron King.
For online shopping, you can visit the SaffronKing.Shop online store
Or fill out the form below so that sales department colleagues can contact you and place your order.

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